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Agenda Book
Selby Public School
‘Where the Stars Shine the Brightest’

Mission Statement

At Selby Public School we share  responsibility to promote the intellectual, physical and personal growth of students. We respect each child. In partnership with our students and their parents, we foster the development of skills, attitudes, and values needed for life-long learning in a dynamically changing world.

Belief Statement

All people have worth and deserve respect.
Education is a shared responsibility of parents, children, school and community.
People learn in different ways at different rates.
Responsible citizenship requires global awareness and understanding.
Self-esteem promotes learning; success builds self-esteem; setting and meeting goals entails success.

The School Community at a Glance
Selby Public School was established in April 1966 to welcome 277 students from the closure of  nine local one-room schools. In 1974, an addition was built
that  included the gymnasium, staff room, lobby, Kindergarten room, resource centre and two classrooms.  Selby Public School serves students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 with a  consistent student enrolment of about 250 students.

The families at Selby Public School  are very supportive of their school and endeavor to promote an atmosphere of trust, respect, and friendship within the school community. Parents are actively involved in all school activites and events and volunteer on a regular basis.

Volunteers Welcome

Selby Public School takes great pride in the quality of education provided to our students. Parents or other community members wishing to volunteer at the school, or to join our School Advisory Council  can contact the school at #613- 388-2670 for more information

School Council

The Selby Public School Advisory Council’s purpose  is to enhance the educational experiences of the students at Selby Public by actively supporting students, staff , parents and the Limestone District School Board. The Council endeavours to foster a stimulating and safe school environment that is responsive to the needs of the individual and the community. To find out more about our School
Advisory Council please call the school.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities/Activities

These opportunities vary from year to year, depending on student interest and staff and community strengths.

  • Team sports-basketballl, volleyball, floor hockey.
  • Individual sports - track & field, cross country running.
  • Guitar lessons (through private instruction)
  • Piano lessons (through private instruction)
  • Public Speaking.
  • Opportunities for special talents.
  • Student Art Gallery.
  • Book Fair.
  • Chess Club.
  • Solar car team. 
Safe School Arrival - Board Policy
Re: phone calls for absences and lates.

It is very important that parent/guardians call the school at 613-388-2670 whenever  their child is going to be absent or late.

An answering machine is on 24 hours a day so you can call late at night or early morning.
Please call 613-388-2670 and leave a message.

Messages for Students

Please send a note with your child, preferably in the agenda,  if they are go on a different bus or if someone is picking them up during school hours or at the end of the day. Phone calls are not a good idea.There may be no one in the office or office staff may be busy, and your telephone message may not be picked up in time.

Driveway Safety

For the safety of our students, we ask that you park your car at the west ( ie. far ) end of the school/parking lot and walk to the front door.
Kindly DO NOT park in the bus lane.

Code of Behaviour

The following principles outline our basic
Code of Behaviour:

1.      Be Respectful of Self
Students are expected to:
  • Be honest and cooperative at all times.
  • Maintain punctual and regular attendance.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Be responsible for completing homework and assignments to the best of their ability.
  • Come prepared for class and ready to learn.
  • Practice academic honesty - no cheating.
  • Accept logical consequences for inappropriate behaviour.
2.      Be Respectful of Others
Students are expected to:
  • Treat all people in a positive, courteous and respectful manner.
  • Contribute to a safe, orderly and productive environment free from bullying, name-calling and inappropriate physical contact.
3.      Be Respectful of the Environment
Student are expected to:
  • Treat all school property - including the  building, its contents, and the busses - in an appropriate and respectful manner. This includes the property of others.
  • Demonstrate environmental awareness.
Consequences of Inappropriate Behaviour

Students at Selby Public School are expected to be responsible for their behaviour.

When a student behaves inappropriately, a reminder from a staff member should lead to corrected behaviour. If a student fails to correct the behaviour, one or more of the following consequences may be considered by staff.

  • Interview with student.
  • Time out/detention; student apology.
  • Contact with parent by phone call, note,  letter or conference.
  • Withdrawal of school privileges.
  • Making restitution or community service.
  • Referral to special program, placement or agency.
  • Temporary withdrawal of student from school by parent.
  • Formal suspension from school.
Consequences will be applied fairly and equitably to all students. Consequences are meant to reduce inappropriate behaviour, but at the same time should preserve the dignity of the student.

Appropriate Dress For School
Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for an educational, multi-age setting.
For example, shirts should be free of objectionable slogans or pictures; shorts and skirts should be finger-tip length; shirts/tops should have wide straps or sleeves and they should cover the chest, stomach and hips and  hats are not to be worn  inside the building. When there is a disagreement about clothing which is considered appropriate, the matter will be referred to the Principal.
Monthly Newsletters and Calendars

We will strive to distribute a monthly newsletter the first week of each month to inform our school community. It will be sent home with the youngest family member.

Emergency Forms
Please fill out all areas on the form as this is very important for  us in case of an emergency. If the information on the form should change during the year please come in, send a note or phone to update the secretary.

Inclement Weather and/or Bus cancellations
In the event that Buses are cancelled due to inclement weather and you choose to drive your child to school, please remember that  it will be necessary for you to pick your child up by 3:40pm.
Note: In the case of extreme weather conditions, students may be sent home early from school. PLEASE make sure your child is aware of what he/she should do and PLEASE make sure your Emergency Form is properly filled in. It is very important that you listen to your radio on storm days. We would try to call students in the primary grades but, in the event we do not have telephone service, we need to know that someone will be there for your child. It would be a good idea on any storm day to send a note with your child stating (especially primary children) what they should do.

Early Dismissal From School
(other reasons e.g. no water or heat)

In the event that we need to dismiss our students from school and  are not able to contact you by telephone, please listen to the radio for announcements. Local radio stations are often the best  way to notify the community that students are coming home early.

Bus Safety Rules
It is important that all parents review these rules with their children.

Bus safety is very important in all schools and especially in ours where the majority of students are bussed. The school, bus and home partnership assures that the bus experience will be a safe and positive one for all of our students.The driver’s responsibility is to provide a safe environment for his/her passengers. Below are listed basic expectations for students while on the bus.

Previous to Loading (on the Road and at School)
Be early at the designated school bus stop. 10 minutes before pick up time is recommended. This keeps the bus on schedule.
Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus. Bus riders conduct themselves in a safe manner while waiting.
Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door is open before attempting to enter. Be careful in approaching bus stops. If you cross a road to get to your pick up point, wait on your side of the road for the bus to arrive and for a signal to be given by the driver before crossing the road.
While on the Bus
Keep hands and head inside the bus.

Help keep the bus safe and clean at all times.

Remember loud talking, loud laughing or confusion of any kind can divert the driver’s attention and may result in a serious accident.

Treat the bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your own home. Damage to seats, etc. must be paid for by the offender. Recovering a seat may cost more than $50.00.

Lost and found items  will be brought into the school.

All bags, coats etc must not be in the aisles.

Do not throw anything out of the bus window. .

Drinking or eating is not permitted on the bus.

Parents are reminded to transport any large items that may need to come to the school rather than have their child take it on the bus.  

If ice skates are brought to school for special skating days, remember to cover the blades and carry the skates in a bag not over the shoulder, but by your side. All other items like baseball gloves, etc. should be in a tote bag.

Bus riders are not permitted to leave their seats while the bus is in motion. Riders are to remain in their designated seats.

Bus riders are expected to be courteous to fellow pupils and the bus driver.

Absolute quiet is necessary when approaching a railroad crossing stop.

When leaving the Bus
When it is necessary to cross the road after getting off the bus, cross in front of the bus, never behind. Wait for your driver’s signal.

Help look after the safety and comfort of small children.

Be alert to the danger signal from the driver.

The driver will not discharge riders at places other than the regular bus stop, at the home or a school unless by proper authorization from the parent or school official.

Riding another Bus
Our busses are almost full. A written note is required from parents/guardians for students to be permitted on another bus. We try to accommodate individual requests.
Consequences of Misbehaviour
Drivers are expected to be specific regarding their expectations for students and to warn students about inappropriate behaviours. If, despite being warned, a student persists with the inappropriate behaviour, a pink “Student Behaviour Report” - will be completed by the driver and brought to the principal who will then talk to the driver and the student to review the information on the behaviour report and to review expectations for students. Parents will be contacted. A bus driver may move a student to another seat ( eg. at the front of the bus ) for a set time to see if a different seating arrangement may help

NOTE: In case of severe or continued misconduct on the bus, suspension of bus riding privileges and/or suspension from school will result.

Remember - The Selby Public School Code of Behaviour is in effect for all school related activities including field trips and the bus ride to and from school.

“Our students, our Future”

Our reason for being is our students.
 We are here to help each student strive to reach his/her full potential.

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